Verwendete Plugins

A simple plugin for setting and getting cookies from within Craft CMS templates. Used for MZ SSO.

Contact Form
For simple newsletter ordering using php mail functions. Can be configured for smtp.

Contact Form Honeypot
Adds hidden honeypot field to contact form

CP Body Classes
Adds information to body tag via css classes. Used for adding usergroup for testusers in demo instance (see control-panel.scss).

For css customizig the control panel. Loads /css/control-panel.css (rsp. min Version)

Custom javascript for the control panel. Used for:

  • limiting „priofrom / to“ text entries to numbers (number fields can not be empty).
  • listbox dependent field layouts

Theme lead: reed crossdomain xml feed for job vacancies

Inventory shows exactly where fields are being used.

Shows warning when two editors are working on the same entry.

Password Policy resp. Password Enforcer (Craft2)
This plugin adds security rules for passwords. (lead)

Rich text editor

Oldstuff: Craft 2

Redactorwordcount (Craft 2)
redactor plugin, which adds word counter to rich text fields. Craft 3 comes with bundled 'counter' plugin for redactor.

Story Transforms (Craft 2 only)
Self written plugin for creating all needed image transitions for story-cms

Tagmanager (Craft 2 only)
Managing Tags. Deprecated and only working for Craft 2

PHP Tweak (custom)
Override PHP ini settings from the control panel. Extended for checking PHP Var $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']. This used for IP abo check of MZ Stories

Field Guide
List all used fields grouped by sections. List also all unused fields. Supports building of inventory for story CMS. Nice to have feature, not needed for running story.

Dump (C2 only)
Saves MySql database to /craft/storage/backups. Is called via cronjob.

Category sources custom (custom)
Makes it possible to view entries in the control panel by their category-based taxonomies. Custom version show only entries of type 'article' to avoid listing of 'teasers below article' sections.